We have the answers for you!

We have the answers for you!

Learn how to choose the best new garage doors and opener remote systems and keep systems safe.

How frequent should maintenance be for my new garage door?

You are free to do your own visual inspection on a monthly basis, but garage door repair company in San Diego recommends annual maintenance for professional assessment and tune-up. This lengthens the life of your garage door and keeps you safe from accidents.

How do I choose the right garage door opener?

You need to consider the size and construction of your door to determine the motor size and drive type needed. You also have to check the clearances above and besides the opening to make way for the opener. Safety features should also be taken into consideration.

Can I repair one garage door spring at a time?

Not really, because what happens to one set of garage door springs is likely to affect others. We tend to do all this work comprehensively in order to ensure that your installation is working at optimum and you do not have to spend even more money to resolve ongoing problems.

We would like windows in our new door but do they pose a security risk?

If security is a concern, windowless doors are our recommendation. However, if you want to have windows in your door, practically all garage door manufacturers offer the option. Some windows are tempered for added strength and others can be beautifully etched to compliment the style of your home. We recommend that windows are placed in the upper section of the door where they are difficult to reach but allow sunlight inside. Visit us today to see our extensive selection of garage door models and make the selection that's perfect for your home.

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